• Paper is like tradition, it never dies...

    What’s the secret? When taking on a job gives you a buzz

    Ivrea Grafica produces Unique Printing (prototypes, samples, folders, gadgets) using a wide range of printing techniques together with prestigious paper and packaging.
  • Our Know-How...

    Indelible imprinting

    For more than twenty years we worked alongside Olivetti and its subsidiaries. This indelible imprinting shaped and enriched us in fully respecting the rules and establishing high level professionalism, values which today, we still maintain in serving our clients.

Luxury printing and paper products

For those seeking to stand out in the market with unique top quality products…

Paper products and packaging

We design and produce holders, containers and cases in natural paper, fabric and leather.

Special printing and settings

We are never intimidated by new requests which may appear impossible to achieve. On the contrary, we love the challenge!


Since 1976 Ivrea Grafica has been operating in offset printing, packaging and special settings.

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  • Corso Vercelli, 145/A
    Ivrea, Torino - Italy -
  • +39 0125 615182

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