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For many decades Ing. C. Olivetti&c. spa, - typewriters, calculators, computers and printers developed in Ivrea was one of the leading lights in the history of Italian industry with its unforgettable "O" of Olivetti logo recognised throughout the world. For our company, Olivetti was of key importance.  For over twenty years Ivrea Grafica worked alongside Olivetti and all its subsidiaries.   

Architects, designers, great artists and photographers produced works of art for Olivetti and we contributed by printing magazines, catalogues, books and manuals.
In the marketing, corporate identity and documentation management areas, our name took on a position of leadership in the world of printing.    

An indelible imprinting that shaped and enriched us in fully respecting the rules and establishing high level professionalism, values which today, we still maintain in serving our clients.



Articles published in LA STAMPA (Friday 16 June 2006) and in IL GIORNALE DEL PIEMONTE (Wednesday 31st May 2006)

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  • Corso Vercelli, 145/A
    Ivrea, Torino - Italy
  • +39 0125 176 0106

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